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Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC

Meet The Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC Crew.

(From Left to Right)

Robert Steinbacher: Contract Labor, Mario Stillo: Service Manager, Diana Ussery-Moore: Owner/Manager and

 Anthony Cuzzo: (No Longer With Bates Flags).

(Also, All are Members of the Patriot Riders' of America, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Charity organization to help our Veterans' in need. (Mario and Diana are former Officers, Anthony is currently the President, of this honorable organization.)

About Us

Our Philosophy

Offer Only The Highest Quality, American Made Flag & Flagpole Products & Full, Personalized Service To Meet Our Customer's Needs.

Veteran & First Responder Discount!

Our way of saying "Thank You" for your services to our country and communities!




All Products, Excluding Our Solar Lights, Are 100% Made In The USA

How We Got Started

 Bates Flags & Flagpoles had been a local business to Port Charlotte, FL since 1978; it has had several owners over the years, each, always keeping the name, 'Bates Flags' and always offering a high quality standard of products. 

 In 2013, the last of the previous owner's decided he wanted to retire, and approached Myself and Mario; in October 2013, we acquired the business and decided, that we, too, would keep the name 'Bates Flags & Flagpoles', and decided we should be a Limited Liability Company; dedicated to offering old fashioned, personal service and only the highest quality in flag and flagpole products.  We didn't realize, at the time, just how much need there was for this "unique" type of business in the area!

Originally, we operated as a part-time business, servicing only Charlotte County. Diana had a job and worked outside the home, while Mario has his own small business. A Flag & Flagpole business just seemed like a nice part-time business as a source of "extra income". 

 The first year of business was a learning process. Getting set up, learning and getting knowledgeable about the products we sold, and slowly establishing a customer base.

One year after taking over Bates Flags & Flagpoles, Diana was struck ill, having to leave her job, and unable to work outside the home. The only income available to her was this little "part-time" flag & flagpole business. With Mario's help and support, Diana worked to turn Bates Flags into a full-time business, and hoped for the best.

Diana began doing her own marketing, creating literature, making coupons, creating a web page with a link to a FaceBook page. Customer's were giving "word-of-mouth" advertising about the products and service; Mario would make deliveries, install flagpoles, and occasionally do repair work on flagpoles. More calls started coming in; many from people looking to have a service or repair work done on their flagpoles. It had appeared that Bates Flags was the only flagpole business in the area who does flagpole repair work. With Mario at her side, Diana was able to succeed; business began to grow. This little "part-time" business, successfully went into "full-time" status! Diana's illness may have forced her hand in business, but it's the great support and help she received from her Service Manager and life partner, Mario, that helped to build Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC.

Diana, hates most technology, and is determined to keep Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC a 'personal service' business. If you get her answering machine, she will return your calls right away, 1-2 days, at the longest. She refuses to convert to "on-line" sales for her products or services, as every customer's needs are different, and information is needed to help direct the customer to the right product or service needed; she will give you the information you need to make an informed decision on her flag and flagpole products, with no pressure for sales. 

Business has expanded from just the Port Charlotte Florida area, to up and down the

 Sun Coast of Florida to Naples, Florida!  We will ship to customer's anywhere in the 48 contingent states. Bates Flags & Flagpoles has it's own, superior quality line of  "BATES" Commercial Grade flagpoles for residential properties or small businesses; each are built to order by Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC.  And, we've received some wonderful, organic,  Five Star reviews! 

To all of our customer's, we're very grateful for all of you, as well!

We're a Small Business, but, thanks to all of our customers, we've come a long way from our little "Part-Time" business!

Our original, 20' BATES Signature Flagpole was inherited when the business was acquired;  built to order with materials of commercial grade standards, has survived Hurricane Charley in 2004, and Hurricane Irma in 2017. We added a few upgrades to the flagpole, including a flash collar and platform base to give it a more elegant, and finished appearance. In early 2017, we added our 18' BATES II flagpole; a smaller version of our 20' BATES Signature Flagpole. It went through Hurricane Irma! This year (2020) we're introducing another new flagpole, Our "BATES" Outrigger Style Flagpole for small businesses! It's also made to meet our high quality standards!

We're hoping that Bates Flags & Flagpoles, LLC will be around to service all of you for many years to come! We want the name "Bates Flags & Flagpoles, LLC" to be a name you can trust; for our commitment to quality, in both, products and service.


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Have a Request, Comment, or Concern? 


We will respond within 2 working days of receipt of your question, concern or quote request. Request our brochure! We'll be happy to assist you in any way we're able!


273 Lakewood Lane

Port Charlotte, FL 33953

Contact US

PH: 941-637-8333 

 FX: 941-743-0390




Monday-Wednesday 9 am- 6 pm

Thursday & Friday 9 am-4 pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday

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