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  1. All orders are COD unless otherwise authorized. Invoiced Orders are Due on Receipt. Contractors and Sub-Contracted Work is Pre-Pay Only.
  2. An 18% APR financing fee/late payment fee with a minimum charge of $3.00 will be added for any balance outstanding for 15 days or more. Finance/Late Fees are Due and Payable. 
  3. Delinquent Invoiced Accounts will become subject to Pre-Pay Only status if the payment has not been received by the 90th day, this includes any and all Finance/Late Fees outstanding which will be considered as underpayments and considered delinquent.
  4. Local Flag Delivery is Free within a 20 mile radius, which includes Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda and North Port areas. A delivery fee will be applied for areas outside of local 20 mile region.
  5. A Minimum 50% Deposit is required on all repair/installation work orders of $500.00 or more, Balance is due upon completion of work order. (Excluding subcontracted work=Prepay Only, And any Account or Person put on Pre-Pay Only status.)
  6. Any Flagpoles that are not installed by Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC is Pre-Pay Status Only.
  7.  Installations of OUR flagpoles, done by anyone other than Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC will NOT be covered under our Limited Warranty.
  8. A Minimum 50% Deposit or Pre-Pay is required (including one time set up fee) is required on All NEW Custom Flag and Banner Orders and on all Special Request Flags.  No deposit is required on Reorders; which take 7-10 days for production.
  9. A Travel, Fuel and Toll Fees may apply for areas outside of local Service Region for Service Calls, Installations and Work Orders.
  10. Service Call Invoices will be Credited (excluding any Travel/Toll Fees) ONLY if paid and a Work Order is Awarded for Repair/Installation Jobs. Travel and Fuel Fees are still Due and Payable and will not be credited.
  11. Other Terms and Conditions May Apply with Consideration to the Work Order or Request...These will be notated on Estimates and Quotes.
  12. We Accept Cash, Checks, Debit and Credit Cards displaying the MasterCard, Discover or Visa Logos Only.

Sorry, We do not accept American Express.

Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC 


 PCI Compliant.



Bates Flags & Flagpoles, LLC; Located in Port Charlotte Florida, is a Service & Provider of Quality USA Made Commercial Grade Flag & Flagpole Products; Servicing SW Florida & Surrounding Areas. Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC is a Legal Woman Owned Entity in Compliance with the Florida State Laws for Flag & Flagpole Services.


Limited to Manufacturer Warranty or One Year Bates Warranty

Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC warrants that all flagpole and flagpole components are inspected upon receipt as well as abilities permit, based on Flagpole construction. Flagpole Manufacturers/Suppliers offer their own Limited Warranties that the flagpoles will be free of defects in materials and workmanship. See Manufacturers Warranty. If a problem is discovered with the construction of the flagpole during the constraints of the Limited Warranty, customer must contact Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC immediately. “BATES” flagpoles are warranted by Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC to be free of defects and under the same warranty terms as follows:

Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC warrants that flagpole installations are done in the proper manner, to the depth and with the materials as specified by the instructions of the manufacturer and/or in compliance with any State and Local Code requirements.


Limited to Manufacturer Warranty or 14 Days Bates Warranty

Our Valley Forge brand flags; Perma-Nyl® and Koralex II™ are under One Year Limited Warranty for color fastness only. Bates Flags warrants that product meets high quality standards and will replace any brand of flag that bleeds, frays, or is found defective within Two Weeks of purchase date. A credit only will be issued if the replacement requires a different, more expensive flag.


Limited to 30 Days Bates Warranty

Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC takes high pride in the quality of our Services and warrants that all services performed to repair, replace or install a flagpole are done property and in compliance to any State or Local Code requirements.

Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC, will, at its sole option, repair, replace or credit account for defective products or services under the appropriate warranty terms and with examination. All terms are void for incidents or damages caused by, but not limited to; tampering, neglect, inappropriate usage and/ or acts of “God”. In no event is Bates Flags & Flagpoles, LLC liable for prospective profits or indirect, incidental or consequential damages of the Customer/Buyer

Date of Purchase/Service__________________________________

Purchase or Service: _____________________________________

(attach copy of Invoice or Receipt)

Authorized by: Diana Ussery-Moore, Owner-Bates Flags & Flagpoles LLC

Updated 04/2018

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