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Flag Tips:

Not all American flags are created equal!

When considering a flag purchase, keep the following in mind:

Quality of Construction - When flags wear out, it shows first in the seams and in the ends where you might see fraying. Our flags are made of the best materials and are sewn with the strongest seams. Look for a flag with sewn strips and embroidered or applique stars. Our flags have reinforced fly-ends and double stitching.The more Direct Wind that your flag gets, the lower the life of your flag. Consider going to a more durable flag if your flagpole in on the water or in a location where it receives full wind. To extend the life of your flag, take it down when the wind is strong and reaching high speeds. Have your flag repaired at the first sign of tearing.A good quality flag should last you, on average, 6 months to a year or more, depending on flagpole location, the maintenance care you give (repairing at the first sign of fraying) and weather conditions.American Made - When you buy an American-made flag, you are not only supporting the U.S. economy, but you are buying a far superior product. Look for flags that are FMAA Certified,(Flag Manufacturers Association of America) 100% Made in the USA.

Guarantee - Companies that offer very limited guarantees or no guarantees may be selling an inferior product. Always check the guarantee. Flags, however, cannot be guaranteed for damage by the elements.

Price - With flags, you usually get what you pay for. Low cost alternatives are likely to be foreign-made and will wear quickly, costing more in the long run due to the need for you to replace them often. Flags made in the USA will have the "Made in the USA" tag sewn into the header.

Flag Fabric Choices

Nylon - The most popular fabric choice for both outdoor and indoor US flags. Nylon is light and durable, stands up well to the elements, and dries quickly. Because it's light, it flies well in the slightest breeze and has a bright appearance in sunlight.

Polyester - The best choice for extreme weather conditions or high wind areas. Ounce-for-ounce, longer wearing and heavier than nylon for strength and durability.

What size flag do I need?

Use the guide below as your guide for flagpoles in residential and commercial settings.

Flagpole Height=20'/Flag Size=3' X 5' or 4' X 6'

Flagpole Height=25'/Flag Size= 4' X 6' or 5' X 8'

Flagpole Height=30'-35'/Flag Size=5' X 8" or 6' X 10'

Flagpole Height=40'-45'/Flag Size=6' X 10' or 8' X 12'

Flagpole Height=50' Flag Size=8' X 12' or 10' X 15'

Flagpole Height=60'-65'/Flag Size=10' X 15' or 10' X 19'

Flagpole Height=70'-80'/Flag Size= 10' X 19' or 12' X 18'

Flagpole Height=90'-100'/Flag Size=20' X 38'+

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